Our Story

Hi there!
My name is Jessica and I write Happy Here Still.

I am a stay at home mother living in the Pacific North West with two beautiful sons and their handsome Dad. We moved to Washington from Utah in October of 2010.

Our oldest son, Kade is five years old. He was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease at six months old. After surviving open-heart surgery, we thought we were out of the woods. We beat the giant! Much to our frustration and devastation, Kade later developed severe asthma; he has spent much of his life in and out of hospitals. In a desperate attempt to provide a healthier, happier life for Kade, we left all of our belongings behind and moved to beautiful Washington; one of the best places for asthmatic patients to live. Since living here, Kade's health has taken an incredible turn for the best! Boy have we ever learned a lot from our Kade- about how to be strong in the face of adversity and to be brave, humble and full of joy no matter what life throws at us!

In 2014 we welcomed baby brother, Ezra. Brother is a free-spirited, happy baby who brings us so many smiles and is healthy as a clam. We are so very grateful for the fun-loving spirit he brings to our family.

In 2015, Kade was finally diagnosed with Jacobsen Syndrome. JS is a rare genetic disorder that causes learning and developmental delays, small stature, respiratory and heart problems and a rare bleeding disorder that affects his platelets. We're still learning a lot about Jacobsen Syndrome but it's amazing to have some answers. He is so brave and amazing. He shows us every day what it means to persevere!

 If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or drop me a comment. Thank you!


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